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go raiders!

North Farmington High School

go raiders!

North Farmington High School

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Game Summary

5 months ago

Girls Varsity Gymnastics Regional Meet

Game Date
Mar 2, 2019

Regional Meet – Farmington Gymnastics


   Gymnastics Regional competitions took place this past Saturday across the state.  The top 3 teams in each region advance to the state meet. In addition, the highest 4th place team in all four regions advance if they score higher than a 140.  This year Hartland will advance, making it thirteen teams that will compete for the team competition on Friday, March 9 at Rockford High.

   Farmington United scored a season high 148.45 to win their Region for the seventh consecutive year.  Huron Valley placed second with a 140.05 and Grosse Pointe North edged out Fraser by .3 points , scoring a 139.925.  

  Farmington will look to defend its State title next Friday, but it will have some tough competition from Rockford, Fowlerville, Howell, Livonia Blue, and Northville.  All of these teams are capable of hitting in the mid 140’s. I don’t compare scores from different regions as different judges are involved. Our average has been in the mid 140’s .  It will be a competitive meet.

   I like the fact that many of the girls competed last year and have experienced that pressure.  State titles are so difficult to win as we learned last year. We won by only .2 points over Northville and by .3 points over Rockford - that is a bent knee or an extra hop on any trick.  It came down to the final competitor to determine the State Championship. The team that wins will have to have the most depth and the luck to win. The team score is determined by adding the top 4 scores of 5 competitors on each event.  Quality depth is everything.

   Our leaders on the team are strong- captains Ava Farquhar and Kacey Noseworthy have demonstrated all season how to grind out meets and not let a bad event ruin the remainder of the meet.  If their example is used by all the girls, they will have a better chance of succeeding. At this point we have had a great season – even without the results of the State meet. The entire team needs to be aware of what they have accomplished this past year and this year.  They are quite unique in their drive and attitude.

   Elena Vargo continued her dominance as one of the top Division I gymnasts in the state.  She had the highest all around score (38.2) of the entire meet. Elena placed first on every event except beam in which she placed third.  Her vault is one of the few vaults that start off at a 10.0 start value. Her lay -out yerchenko scored a 9.675. Her floor routine scored a 9.775.  Those scores are tough to beat. She is such a powerful gymnast. However she also has the elegance and dance to make the sport look beautiful. I look forward to next week to see how far she can go.

   Kacey Noseworthy also placed 1st in the Division II all-around.  She was third of all gymnasts (including Division I contestants).  She accomplished this despite two uncharacteristic falls on beam. Kacey started on bars and took first place ( 9.0).  She fell on beam, but she is such a competitor that she simply shrugged it off and proceeded to score a 9.65 on floor and take first place.  She then came up big on vault with a second place 9.525 vault. That was a great learning experience for her. If she continues to compete like she has demonstrated her entire career, she has a good chance of doing well next weekend.


   Sophomore Sydney Schultz has really upped her game by learning a higher level vault ( a piked tsukara) only a few weeks ago.  That vault has a start value of 9.8. Syd took first with a 9.55 score. She was 4th on bars ((8.675), and tied for 2nd on floor ( 9.275).  I was really impressed with her ability to blow off bad floor warm-ups and calmly make her 1 ½ twisting layout as if there was no pressure.  She is showing me in her first two years that she knows how to compete. Sydney placed third in the all-around despite a fall on beam. She too has the potential to do well at states next week.

   Senior captain Ava Farquhar also had a solid meet.   Nothing seems to phase Ava. She had a low score for her on bars – her first event.  Most gymnasts would get frustrated or sad or angry and it would ruin their day. However, she bounced back and she hit beam and tied for first place with a 9.45.   She also finished 4th in the all -around competition.  She has come so far since her freshman year.  If you had to write a book about how attitude and grit determine success, you would include Ava.  

   Freshman Kamini Playle had quite the birthday as she had the best meet of her young career at a meet with a lot of pressure.  She placed 5th in the all-around by placing 4th on vault ( 9.05), 8th on bars (8.425), and  3rd on beam (9.3).  She too had a rough warm-up on bars but came through when it counted.  When her confidence is peaking she is at her best. She is hopefully learning that she can’t afford to get down on herself when things don’t go as planned.  If she learns to master that aspect of sports, she will have a great future.

   Allison Schultz willed herself through the meet and took 6th place in the all-around.  The top six advance to the state meet.  I was extremely happy for Allie as she is such a hard worker in the gym.  She placed 7th on vault scoring 8.975.  She has had a hard time on that vault lately.  I could see her getting upset, but she managed to make it happen when it counted.  Her hard work has paid off on bars as she has such an original routine that when she hits, she scores well – she placed 3rd on bars (8.875).  She had a solid floor routine and took 8th with a 9.0.  Allie too has the skills and the competitiveness to do well next week.  She brings a lot of depth to our team.

   The top 6 all-around advance to the meet so I was disheartened that Shelby Smith placed 7th missing by only .2.  Shelby has stepped up this year in the way she competes.  She has been a part of the core of gymnasts that were successful last year and this year.  Her attitude during her floor routine is unmatched. She is such a positive person inside and outside of the gym and it shows during her favorite event – floor.  Despite the heartbreak in the all-around, Shelby placed 4th on floor ( 9.225) and 6th on bars ( 8.475).  We will definitely need her enthusiasm and confidence as we head into the state meet.  Her floor and beam routine can do really well if she hits next week.

   What really struck me the most about this meet was the fact we had six of the top seven all-arounders in the Division II category.  When they went up to receive their awards, I was at first surprised to see so many of them, but then realized they are all hard workers who have dedicated themselves to the team and deserved to be there on the podium. That depth and skill will help us next week as we battle to see how far we can advance.

   I love this team in the sense that so many of them are flat out competitors who have put the team first, ahead of any individual concerns.  That is hard to do, but these girls have somehow come together to make an incredible season. I look forward to another meet competing with this group.  


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